Beauty and awesome – Potsdam

Frederick the Great had built the Sanssouci palace. Derived from the French “sans souci” (=without a care), he wanted to live here…without any care. And he obviously did. Our guests can still be “sans souci”. Potsdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Integrated into its attractive cultural ambience, the capital city of the State of Brandenburg is the perfect destination to satisfy the most varied interests and demands.

It all started from here: the Potsdam Conference took place in the Schloß Cecilienhof palace from 17 July to 2 August 1945. Truman, Stalin and Churchill signed the Potsdam Agreement and thus decided on the post-war borders of Europe and the future fate of Germany.

Potsdam’s most popular sight still is the Schloß Sanssouci palace located in the park to which it gives its name. The Remise Blumberg is facing the famous park as well as many more beautyful places which makes your visit worthwhile. Like the Alexandrowka, or the Holländisches Viertel (the Dutch quarter) and the historical city center with its colourful variety of restaurants, cafes and bars, etc. etc..

The Babelsberg Filmpark, the Biosphäre nature experience exhibition, or the cruise ships on the river Havel are more attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Visiting Potsdam and its surroundings, you can enjoy a beautiful landsacpe. Visit the State of Brandenburg or spend some time in Berlin, the Capital of Germany.